Next concerts

21 December, Paris, France, CNSMDP, generative improvisation orchestra


19 January, Paris, France, CNSMDP, cine-concert

27 February, Yaroslavl, Russia, Philarmony, pianoVSelectronic

Last concerts


24 November, Moscow, Russia, Prokofiev’s Museum: “Preface” in “Time of Prokofievs” competition.
16 November, Paris, France, BNF, Court-devant festival, cine-concert
8 November, Prague, Czech Republic, “Duo”
1 November, Moscow, Russie, Moscow Conservatory Electroacoustic Center, concert-presentation
25-27 October, Tomsk, Russia. Edison Denisov International Symposium for Contemporary Music
18 October, Moscow, Russia, Philharmonie. The Music of the Future. Stanislav Makovsky
2 October, Helsinki, Finland. Duo, Molot-ensemble
29 September, Saint-Petersbourg, Russia. Duo, Molot-ensemble
10 September, Utrecht, Netherlands, Gaudeamus, 5×4 SAXOPHONES
9 September, Utrecht, Netherlands, Gaudeamus, GAUDEAMUS SATURDAY NIGHT
27 August, Breiteneich, Austria. Piano vs Electronic.
14 August, Lourmarin, France, concert Piano vs electronic.
29-30 Juin, Pantin, France, festival Manifest, CND de Pantin
31 March, Paris, France, concert atelier de composition, CNSMDP, Paris, France
12 March, Magny-les-Hameaux, France, festival “Le bruit qui pense
15 February, Saint-Petersbourg, Russia, Sound museum, SIC!
9 February, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, Orpea residence bords de Seine.
20 January, Paris, France, CNSMDP, generative improvisation orchestra
15 January, Paris, France, Philarmony, “Over the Rainbow”
13 January, Paris, France, CNSMDP, Électro(s)
6 January, Paris, France, CNSMDP, generative improvisation orchestra and Christian Sebille

12 December, Paris, France, Grand Hall, Centre Pompidou, “Jonglerie musical” in Jerome Thomas’s project.
15 November, Strasbourg, France, Festival Resonance electrique
9 November, Paris, France, CNSMDP, Ciné-concert
16 October, St-Petersbourg, Russia, Festival “Game with Classic”
26 Septembre Ulan-Ude, Russia, Philarmony, with Andrei Korobeinikov&Petr Oskolkov
20 Septembre, Tomsk, Russia, Underground bar, In “SIC!”
19 Septembre, Kemerovo, Russia, Theathre Vstrecha
9 Septembre, Saint-Petersbourg, Russia, Forum Apositsia
27 August, Breitenach, Austria, Schloss
17 August, Le-Touquet, France, Paino folies festival with Andrei Korobeinikov
10 August, Darmstadt, Germany, Open stage
26 July, Lourmarin, France, Chateau de Lourmarin, with Andrei Korobeinikov
2 July, Paris, France, 104, Festival Manifest
10 June, Paris, France, CNSMDP, concert de Prix d’improvisation
2 June, Paris, France, Point d’ephemere, Spectacle “Organes d’amour” by Anatoly Vlassov
26 Mai, Paris, France, Radio RCF
25 April, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, festival Exposition XXI,
11 April, Paris, France, Radio France, generative improvisation orchestra.
8 April, Paris, France, College de Bernardin, concert de “Prix St Christophe”
6 April, Paris, France, CNSMDP
28 March, Guyancourt, France, Association Les Notes Do-Ré,
19 March, Les Mesnules, Festival “Bruit qui pense” with Fanny Giles
17 March, Paris, France, CNSMDP
15 March, Manchester, United Kingdom, RNCM
12 March, Paris, France, CNSMDP
26 February, Yurga, Russia
28 January, Paris, France, CNSMDP


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